Welcome to Pink Rice! Home of the best range of sushi and Japanese food in WA.

We have the largest range of kaiten sushi in WA prepared by our experienced chefs, ensuring that you can try from the largest menu of dishes. Everything is fresh and of the highest quality.

If you've never tried the sushi experience, come in and our friendly staff will show you how easy it is.

Pink Rice

Fresh Sushi Catering & Restaurant in Perth

You're selective about your sushi. You want it to be of the highest quality, made by experienced chefs. When not just any sushi will do, bring your friends and family to Pink Rice.

At our sushi restaurant in Perth, you'll enjoy delicious kaiten sushi, which is sushi on a train. As you sit at our comfortable tables, plates of sushi, sashimi, tempura and other foods pass by on a train. You can select the options you most want to try.

Enjoy Our Menu

If you like Japanese food, you'll love the options at our restaurant. We offer more than just sushi. You can also choose from:

  • Sashimi: sliced seafood with dipping sauce
  • Tempura: deep-fried seafood and vegetables
  • Sumiyaki: charcoal-grilled dishes (new in 2016!)
  • Udon : noodles and other ingredients, like chicken and nori

You can choose from many gluten-free offerings as well.

If you're planning a party or event, we also offer sushi catering. You can purchase platters with 36 to 72 delicious pieces. As an HACCP-certified sushi supplier, we also sell our sushi and sushi supplies to schools and wholesale retailers.

An Exciting Environment

When you eat at our restaurant with your friends and family, you'll appreciate our friendly staff and our unique dining style. You don't have to settle with just one dish you like, but you can choose among many different menu options-you can even try them all!

Come in today to our location at 25 Collie Street in Fremantle, WA, and enjoy our kaiten sushi. Perth restaurants don't offer the exciting atmosphere we do. We're open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch and Tuesday through Saturday for dinner. 

Bookings are advised for booth seating.

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